IFRAM Fellowship 2015 with $5,000.00 Award and Plaque!

International Forum for Reactor Aging Management (IFRAM) is a registered and chartered international organization of world’s experts in nuclear power plant aging management. http://ifram.org/

The Chairperson, Professor Tetsuo Shoji of Tohoku University, is pleased to announce a graduate fellowship awarded to one full-time graduate student enrolled in nuclear materials engineering program in Korean academic institutions that holds a valid IFRAM membership.

The IFRAM Graduate Fellowship Award will include a lump-sum US $5,000.00 plus an authentic plaque awarded by the Chairperson.

The IFRAM Fellowship Awardee’s Responsibility will include, but not limited to;

  1. Reporting weekly to Professor Il Soon Hwang (hisline@snu.ac.kr) of the Seoul National University, the Chair of IAEA Consultancy Meeting on Ageing Management Handbook and of IFRAM Handbook Focus Group upon obtaining rules and procedures for the assignment.
  2. Transforming the electronic version of IAEA’s Nuclear Power Plant Aging Management Handbook to IFRAM Web-handbook (html format with hyperlinks to all references, keywords and IFRAM activity URL, etc.), upon its official release (expected to be March 2015) from Dr. Ki-Sig Kang(K-S.Kang@iaea.org), the Scientific Secretary of IAEA Ageing Management Consultancy Meeting.
  3. Uploading beta version onto IFRAM Website with password protection before the Environment Degradation meeting in Ottawa and make a presentation on the work before the IFRAM General Meeting
  4. Setting up user feedback Q&A section for each chapter’s Q&A that is to be maintained by the Chapter leader of IFRAM Handbook Focus Group
  5. Producing Version Zero by the end of 2015 and upload to IFRAM Website for public access

IFRAM Fellowship Awardee Selection Process is made through a competition, as follows;

  1. Applicants should submit one page statement of purpose and short profile including a photo that are addressed to the IFRAM Scientific Secretary, Professor Leonard Bond of Iowa State University (bondlj@iastate.edu) by the end of January 10, 2015
  2. The awardee will be selected before February 28, 2015
  3. The acceptance letter must be submitted by the awardee to Professor Shoji within one week upon the receipt of a formal notification.
  4. Announcement will be made at IFRAM Website with the awardee’s profile.
  5. The Fellowship award will be presented at the IFRAM Ad hoc Meeting on May 22, 2015 in association with the 11th International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components in Jeju Island, Korea.

Inquiries: Write to Professor Il Soon Hwang of Seoul National University (hisline@snu.ac.kr)